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Nature’s Island Collagen Ultimate Bone Joint Formula

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Bone Joint Formula
Joint Support Supplements
Benefits of Collagen
Easy to Use

Clinically Tested Collagen Peptides for joints:

Recommended for people who are looking for better quality of life and willing to lead an active lifestyle.

  • Ultimate Collagen for Bone & Joints: Collagen peptides for smoother joints functioning thereby easing daily tasks like walking, stair climbing and descending, rising from sitting, standing, bending and weight-bearing.
  • Bioavailable: Low on calories for easy digestion and quick absorption by the body for maximum benefits.
  • Results: Clinically proven to reduce pain, improve flexibility and recover better in bone fracture & sport injuries **
  • Treat for Taste Buds: Available in three exciting flavors
  • Expertly Sourced: Derived from fish (marine source)
  • Sugar & Fat-free: Contains no sugar and trans fat

Clinically Tested Collagen powder and supplement with Glucosamine, Hadjod, Boswellia, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3

A Natures Island Exclusive blend for bone & joints!

Marine Collagen infused with Indian herbs and ingredients — all inside one box.

  • 10g of Collagen per Serving: Helps support overall health & wellness**.
  • Packed with Glucosamine: Alleviating pain due to arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Infused with Hadjod: For proper bone cell growth, regeneration and proliferation.
  • Infused with Boswellia: For countering morning joints stiffness and pain in night.
  • Dose of Vitamin D3: To help regulate and control the body’s ability to absorb phosphorus and calcium for healthy and strong bones.
  • Easy to Use: Soluble in cold water, including detox water.

Dosage Instruction

Nature’s island bone joint care formula is the combination of Collagen powder with Glucosamine, Hadjod, and Vitamin D3 that makes it a perfect blend to support mobility, flexibility, and comfort of bones & joints. It helps people to live an active lifestyle by providing smoother joint functioning, encounter stiffness and pain, perform high athletic activities with ease.
Recommended dosage – 10gm (1scoop) per day
For best results – Consume 1 scoop daily for 3-4 months
Servings – 25 servings per container

11 reviews for Nature’s Island Collagen Ultimate Bone Joint Formula

  1. Rahul Walia

    I had bought the Bone & Joints formula for my father. It`s almost 25 Days now and the pain has gone, flexibility is improved and surprisingly he just loved the taste …..Its only collagen that is flavored and infused with herbs and other natural ingredients. Will buy again !!

  2. Saurabh jaiswal

    Such a good product. Very effective to use. Price is reasonable and you can use it without any problem.

  3. tushar gandhi

    My grandfather was suffering from joint pain and was not able to move much After using Bone & Joint Collagen, He is much better now. Pain and inflammation is gone and now he can move his joints with ease. Found this product really effective and will continue for next 3 months

  4. Sagar

    The best clinically tested collagen product ever that is result-oriented and value for money at the same time. Worth Buying !!

  5. Nischal

    Good Product. Very effective.

  6. Shaik Arshana (verified owner)

    Good product.. Ordering 2nd tub n review after it claims.. But have full trust in it.

  7. Ebin

    MENIOUS tear healing good

  8. Reet Arora (verified owner)

    Very effective product for knee and bone joint

  9. Kamal Sharma

    Effective product.

  10. Shadeep Thami

    Nice Flavor and effective product for bones

  11. Rahul Kohli (verified owner)

    It effective product for the bone joint. Only orange and lemonade flavors are good.

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